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Live Hash Rosin Cold Cure 1g - Galactic Warheads - Tier 2

Live Hash Rosin Cold Cure 1g - Galactic Warheads - Tier 2

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THC: 83.57%


Galactic Warheads is the result of a collaboration between Craft Farmer and Dank Mob. This exclusive, “clone only” cultivar is a standout due to its unique sweet & sour candy terpene profile highlighted with notes of tropical fruit and fuel. The flowers are deep green with magenta highlights throughout. Galactic Warheads is a shining example of the potential of modern, boutique Cannabis.

At Happy Valley we grade our rosin and hash into a tier system. We feel this allows more transparency of our Solventless pricing to the consumer. The price point and the quality of our Solventless Concentrates are directly linked to each other. Our hash-makers evaluate each batch and rate it based on effect, flavor/smell, texture/consistency, and color. These four scores, along with the lab testing results, will place a batch in either Tier 1, 2, or 3. Each tier has a corresponding price point.

Tier 1 will have our Full-Melt Bubble Hash and our best Live Hash Rosin.

Tier 2 Live Hash Rosin will have a wider range of trichome head sizes.

Tier 3 will consist of 2nd press Live Hash Rosin and 1st press Live Hash Rosin from some of the smaller trichome heads.