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Cannabis Terpene Distillate Cartridge - 1:1 CBD:THC Blend - CrescendO Temple

*All taxes included in price.

THC: 43.19%

CBD: 40.7%


Our 1:1 THC:CBD vape cart with Crescendo Temple terpenes is our first blend of THC and CBD in equal ratios. With a profile that evokes tones of warm earth and fresh mulch, complimented with a floral spice that characterizes this cultivar. This addition to our vape line is a more mellow counterpart to our high-THC carts, as the presence of CBD and will balance out the THC for a well-rounded experience that is perfect for enjoying a warm beverage next to a fire. Highest in D-limonene, linalool, and beta-caryophyllene, this blend finds harmony in its cannabinoid and flavor profiles.

CO2 Distillate

Happy Valley’s CO2 distillate oil is infused with cannabis-derived terpenes extracted directly from our state-of-the-art production facility. The result: an unparalleled aroma, flavor profile, and vaping experience. Our commitment to purity is a difference you can taste.

510-Thread Cartridge

For optimal flavor, use with lowest setting on your battery device. Store cartridge upright. Keep in a cool, ventilated place and never leave cartridge in a hot or pressurized environment.

MATERIALS USED IN ATOMIZER OIL: Silicone Dioxide, Aluminum Oxide, Ferric Oxide, Cotton, Water


This product has been tested for contaminants, including Vitamin E Acetate, with no adverse findings.

WARNING: Vaporizor Products may contain ingredients harmful to health when inhaled.