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Grandpa's Cookies #1 (Pheno Hunt)

*All taxes included in price.

THC: 26.02%


Grandpa's Stash x Ethos Cookies We are on a pheno hunt with our new cultivar, Grandpa's Cookies! To explain a pheno hunt in short: when a female cannabis plant produces seeds, each seed is a “phenotype” that expresses a unique set of traits like taste, smell, bud structure, potency, and its overall effect. Pheno hunting refers to the process of growing and selecting the best phenotype of a cultivar. Help us choose our winning pheno by trying each one and providing your feedback on our Instagram or Facebook. Please note that each phenotype will have varying characteristics including flavor profile, bud structure, aroma, and effects. Happy Valley’s Flower is cultivated from start to finish for a truly premium experience. We insist on meticulously hand trimming our fresh flower before curing it for two weeks to preserve the terpene profile. After careful placement our glass jars are then hermetically sealed to ensure optimum flavor and freshness.