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Concentrates in Boston and Gloucester

Looking for high-quality concentrates in Boston or Gloucester? Happy Valley provides one of the best collections of pure and potent cannabis concentrates taken from some of the best strains in Massachusetts and grown by us.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates in Boston and Gloucester

Our menu at Happy Valley has a diverse collection of cannabis concentrates. So, whether you are looking for live rosin, bubble hash, hash oil, RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), or live resin in Boston, we have many premium selections available. For example, our live rosin in Boston is award-winning, completely solventless, and made in our state-of-the-art extraction facility from strains we've nourished from seed. Happy Valley cannabis concentrates are made from many of our top strains, such as End Game Cookies, GMO Skittlez, and Sugar Shack.

Cannabis Concentrates FAQs

How potent are concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are some of the most potent cannabis products at the dispensary. However, the potency can vary drastically depending on the type. For example, a pick like live rosin in Boston may have THC levels of around 60 to 70%, while THC distillate can have a potency of over 90%. All Happy Valley concentrates are clearly labeled in terms of potency.

What are the best concentrates available in Boston and Gloucester?

Live hash rosin is one of the most preferred cannabis concentrates among many cannabis connoisseurs due to its purity, flavor, and potency. However, preferences vary. Some prefer the higher potency of distillate or wax, while others prefer the higher terpene content of resin or rosin.

Are there potency limits on dabs in Boston?

Massachusetts does not have potency limits on cannabis concentrates. Therefore, there are some exceptionally potent concentrates in Boston. All concentrates should be used with a good understanding of the potency and effects to ensure a good experience.

Shop for the Best THC Dabs in East Boston and Gloucester at Happy Valley

The Happy Valley menu in East Boston offers an eclectic mix of cannabis concentrates, including our top-shelf picks like cold cure live hash rosin and traditional hash. Explore our full collection online or stop in at our East Boston and Gloucester dispensaries to find your favorites in person.

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