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Carta V - Clear

Carta V - Clear

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The first-ever CARTA 2 special edition, the CLEAR brings a whole new dimension to the CARTA 2 family with a clear silicone base and atomizer design, allowing the smart rig's customizable RGB LEDs to ice your sesh out in a whole new light.

A New Era Of Portable Dabbing

Focus V resides at the cutting edge of technology with a smart rig geared towards the future. The CARTA 2 boasts a larger atomizer with a 360° heating element & optimized airflow. An OLED screen displays everything you need to know in real time. The new mobile app allows you full control with seamless response times and a sleek aesthetic that’s easier to navigate. A highly customizable light show brings new life to the CARTA 2 with addressable RGB LEDs flashing, pulsing and glowing at your whim. OTA technology allows you to download and run the latest software updates or even open your CARTA 2 up to a new world of customization options!

CARTA 2 Smart Rig

Intelli-Core™ for Oil

Intelli-Core™ Cap & Sleeve

Intelli-Core™ Sleeve

Shoulder Carrying Bag

Travel Silicone Stopper

Dab Tool

USB-C Cable

It rips.